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    Join Won't Work Even with Matching Dimensions from BOTH Tables

    Stephen Groff

      I cannot for the life of me figure this out.


      Before you say it.... I know my data is convoluted... there are 3 different joins I'm making to answer just 2 questions.


      However, for this current circumstance... I'm joining AUDITED KITS to a reference table that has a list of kit #s


      The Audited Kit Part # is the Kit number (They are the exact same, EXACT)


      So the join is essentially... Part # in Audited Kits Table TO Part # in Reference Table


      This seems very straight forward.  I'm not too much of an idiot when it comes to Tableau... but apparently I still have plenty to learn about joins.


      Why in the heck won't the join occur... it just populates NULL values.  Does someone seem something right off the bat that tells you that this join just won't work?



      Could be worth noting that Tables:  Kit1, Kit2, and Audited Part. to Kit . is the same reference table over and over, just different joins.