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    Table Formatting

    Gerardo Hurtado



      I am trying to get tableau to do different colors based on whether the previous column is greater or less than, and this is for each row.


      For example

                        FW - 3            FW - 2           FW - 1

      Row 1          12%                8%                 9%

      Row 2          15%               16%                8%


      Column 1 would be all black as it is the first in line, C2R1 would be red, C2R2 would be green, C3R1 green, C3R2 red.


      I am only trying to do this for a few select columns (8) that tend to have 10-100 rows, and these are in percent. The last three columns in my table are in integer form which do not need color (just going to be black).


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


      *Unable to forward tableau as it contains confidential material.