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    Anyway to disable the automatic border OnMouseOver mark?

    Thomas Rones


      Anyway to disable this?


      The reason I need to do this is because It would be nice to inform the user that they cannot use the action filter by clicking on a mark, only by clicking on the Row Header.


      I know this is a weird setup. This is actually two sheets side by side. Maybe someone could help me with the underlying issue as well.


      The reason that I needed to break this up into 2 sheets is because this is a dashboard action that filters on country. Therefore country needs to be used in both the source sheets and the target sheets. The bar chart is a COUNTD() of country. I could put country on there (which would give me a stacked bar), but then if I try to put my COUNTD() on label, I would get a 1 for each mark. Not an aggregate for the category.