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    Best Practice for Tableau using SQL Server database

    Ramz Aftab

      Hi Experts,


      I'm using live data connection from SQL Db and my data is very volatile and huge therefore exporting is not an option.


      I have a list of measures available in separate columns e.g. NetSales, GrossSales, Discounts ...50+ measures separated by columns.
      Ideally, these measures should be Pivoted in Tableau to create only two columns, Measure and Value but this option is not available in Live SQL connection. Creating a query would be really messy and manual work.

      Sample of Dataset:




      I want to create tables from this source and I would see a pivoted columns as the only solution for calculations. Would it be possible to create a report using attached dataset in below format?

      OR do you think of any other option in this case?





      PS. I have attached Excel workbook with sample dataset.