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    KPI Rank

    Renan Pinheiro

      Good afternoon.



      I need to generate an indicator based on a table calculation.



      The table calculation is a rank by State and per year. Based on this calculation must generate an indicator that checks the state fell or rose position from one year to another.



      attached has an example.

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          Joe Oppelt

          Renan -- I'm looking at this now.


          Are the displayed KPI Ranks by year correct?  I'm going to move forward with that expectation right now, but if you need something more in getting them correct, let me know.


          I'm going to show you how to determine the change from year to year along each state.

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            Joe Oppelt

            In the attached I made my own KPI RANK calc.  (To do that I created the calc, and then just dragged the AVG(IDEB) table calc pill from the measures shelf into the calc editor.  Tableau expands the syntax for that quick table calc into your editor for you.)  I made my own because I want to refer to it (twice) in the final calc.


            Look at  my final calc, [Change in KPI RANK].  Here I am telling it to find the difference between the current value and the prior one.


            Notice the table calc settings on the [Change...] pill in the measures shelf.


            The setting for the [Change...] calc is Table(across) so that it works along the row, and there is a pull-down for the nested [My own...] calc to make sure that it evaluated as Table(down).  What I want is for tableau to look at the values generated from the table down calc, and find the difference across the rows.


            So I just did a subtraction to get a difference.  you might want to do something else here, but this shows you how to manipulate table calcs running in different directions.