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    Help adding values to a diverging heat map legend

    Orlando Suarez

      I have a DMA heat map that uses a diverging color legend. In this case it goes from dark blue to light blue. Eventually some teams will use a PDF version of this Tableau heat map view. Currently the legend tableau provides for this diverging color scheme only provides a START VALUE (0.0%) and an END VALUE (17.9%) which represents exactly the data range that the measure is tied to. Since this will eventually be used for STATIC views in the form of a PDF they want our legend to have extra ticks of values so we can provide a better visual reference of the percentage buckets to the end users...the users that will only see this in STATIC PDF format.


      Even though in the end this will be used for static PDF views; I still need to update the data from time to time.


      So my question is, how can I get my legend to automatically show these extra value tick marks on the legend an also change as I refresh the views with new data in the future.


      I know I can manually add a floating text box on my dashboard under the legend itself where I type in the values I need to show. I also know that I could manually make a legend from scratch in Illustrator that I then convert to a .jpeg or .png image and I can then load that as a floating image in my dashboard view. But that would mean manual work each time I have to refresh the view. So how can I do this inside of tableau so the legend just updates itself (with the tick marks) each time a refresh the data?

      Workbook attached for direct reference.