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    Linking between different workbooks

    Alyssa Ashton

      I have a few worksheets/dashboards I would like to create, but am using different workbooks because they are using different data sources.  I would then like to create one Dashboard, acting as home page, in which the user can pick one of these worksheets and/or dashboards from multiple different workbooks.  Is this possible?  I'm assuming all would need to be published to the server.  But then, I would want the user to always start at this home page.

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          Joe Oppelt

          Multiple ways to do this.


          You COULD just make all those sheets/dashboards in one workbook.  Nothing stops you from having all sorts of data sources -- totally unconnected -- in one workbook.


          Then, from your main dashboard, have little sheets designed to look like selection icons, and have select actions on them that send the user to the appropriate dashboard within the same workbook.


          You could also have these in separate workbooks, of course.  On server, when you are on a given dashboard your browser gives you the URL of that dashboard.  Cut-and-paste that into a hyperlink action on your main dashboard, and when the user activates the action, (depending on how you have your browser set up) a new tab opens with the next dashboard.

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            Doug Spavlik

            Hi Alyssa-


            Yes I believe what you are looking to do is possible.  You just need to use URL Actions. With Url Actions you can open one workbook or view from another.  More on that can be found here... URL Actions

            If this was helpful please mark it as such so that other may find answers quicker.  Thanks!

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              Alyssa Ashton

              Thank you both for your response.  Would adding multiple data sources to one workbook affect performance, would it be slow to load?

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                Doug Spavlik

                I have a few different work books with 2 - 4 data sources.  The only time I see a performance issue is when developing in Tableau Desktop.  The term "issue" is really  too stron.  What I have noticed is just an extra second or two when you initially open the workbook. Not even an annoyance really.   

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                  Joe Oppelt

                  I am working right now in a workbook that has 12 different data sources in it.  15 Dashboards, over 100 sheets.

                  It's slow to open in Desktop, due to the sheer size of the workbook, and it takes time to publish.  But runtime performance is great.  Performance of a dashboard is governed by the complexity of the sheets on it and the number of sheets on it.  If each dashboard is compartmentalized by the data source(s) specific to a particular analysis, the presence of all sorts of other data sources in the workbook will have no impact on that dashboard.


                  We recently had an internal "Tableau user group" meeting of managers from departments in our company.  It was to give them a taste of how some of our internal users benefit from Tableau dashboards my group creates.  The user of my 12-data-source workbook was our keynote presenter.  She flipped through dashboards and did demos of how she uses it to do her job.  The performance was spectacular -- even over wireless, which was the access we had in that room.  I got chills, I was so proud of that workbook!

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                    Alyssa Ashton

                    What would be the deciding factors in creating multiple data sources within one workbook, or just create multiple workbooks?

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                      Joe Oppelt

                      A little of this.  A little of that.

                      Having separate workbooks can make maintenance easier.


                      If you have separate workbooks and use URLs to navigate, each "hop" opens a new tab.  (I've seen discussions about stuff you can put in the URL string to stay on the existing tab and overwrite the current workbook that is open.  But I don't know it off the top of my head.)  And if you want to return to workbook-A after URL-jumping to workbook-B, you'll do another URL action to get back.  (Or train the user to click the tab where he started from.)



                      Actions within the same workbook behave quicker, in my opinion.

                      If you have "need-to-know" limitations whereby User-A should not have access to Workbook-B, then it's easier to control that with separate workbooks (though it can all be done inside one workbook, but can get complicated.)  Tableau's permission structure lends itself to separate workbooks for that.


                      So I can't say there is one method that trumps the other.