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    How to combine two columns as one? Tableau 10.5.1

    Tyler McDonald

      Currently I'm dealing with multiple excel spreadsheets. One that contains information from all data before 2018 and another that contains all of the data up to today (and will continue to be updated). I already have a dashboard created for displaying the old data, but it's integrating the new data AND keeping the old data that is confusing me. Here's an example of how the new data looks:

      Create DateApplicationData

      Old Data (note: Service = Application)

      Create DateService

      It also includes a separate Join calculation with some code tables, but I think I have that part down.


      Currently, my best attempt has been to do Full Outer Joins across the two data connections and then use hierarchies to combine the columns, however it appears this isn't working. This is my first time using hierarchies, and it appears that, for example, if I try to graph by a Create Date hierarchy, it only includes the data that comes from whichever dimension I put first in the hierarchy. I might've been misunderstanding how hierarchies work, so that might not be the right path to go down. I've attached a sample workbook that gives an example of my best attempt with the new and the old data along with an example from only using the old data.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been trying to solve this for awhile.