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    Question about parameter

    mertcan başgürboğa

      i am trying to make a parameter that will show below average when clicked 1 and show above average stores when clicked 2. But i keep failing. Can you guys help me in this?

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello mertcan,


          I reviewed the coffee store example workbook but I do not see a parameter or worksheet where any of the calculations for above or below avg exist.


          What sort of graph are you trying to display?  How do you want to represent average?  is this Average sales?  This data does not have "store" so did you want to group by average States, Market, or Type?  That wasn't clear.


          I saved the workbook here with version 10.5 and set sheet 7 to use a parameter to show above or below values from the average value of all sales by states.    I set a reference line to use window_avg(sum(sales)) to show the average sales across all of the States (Utilize the "Edit Table Calculation option from the drop down menu of the calculated field on the marks shelf to calculate based on "State" field.   Finally I set the axis to a fixed end of 150,000 so that switching between the two views of data made more sense to the viewer rather than utliizing dynamic axis range values. 


          We could have done this sort of comparison with LOD calculations as well but a live connection to Access DB will not allow for LOD calculations and I wasn't sure if this matched your situation so I skipped on that. 


          I hope this helps.