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    Tableau Map Layers

    Ariema Singh


      I want to create a UK map which has major roads marked as the base layer (shape file). On top of that, I need population data by local authorities or city (excel file). And at the top most, I need to pin restaurants in each area (excel file with latitude longitude information).


      Any help will be highly appreciated.

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          Sarah Battersby

          If you just need your roads data set as background, you can add that to a Mapbox base map and use that in Tableau.  You could also see if the built in streets and highways layer on the Tableau base map has enough detail for you:



          As for combining the two excel files, you might try joining the files together and using a dual axis map to show both files: Dual Axis Mapping - Many Ways


          Or, you might be able to just union them together and display without using the dual axis map.



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