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    Display % in Tooltip

    Kary K

      Hello Experts,


      Attached is the .twbx file. Please let me know if there is a solution for the following.


      I have the columns month, A, B and C and their respective percentages A%, B% and C%.


      I want to show Month name, A Value and A% in the hover for  the line representing 'A'


      I want to show Month name,  B value and B% in the hover for  the line representing 'B'


      Is this possible with the data structure I have in the attached  .twbx file?


      Below is the screenshot of what I need in the hover






      P.S. I'm using 10.3.2 version of Tableau. Cannot use any higher version right  now in my org)

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          Wesley Magee


          I don't believe you'll be able to do that with the current data structure. If you were to pivot the data so there was a column for Letter and another for amount, then it would be easy. It would also be possible if you only had two items to compare as you could do a dual axis (a dual axis would allow you to customize the tooltip for each metric). With this many members it requires you to use Measure Names and Measure Values, which doesn't allow for custom tooltips on each line, and would only be possible with a dimension (A, B, C) to direct it.



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            Deepak Rai

            It Will work , With Your Same Data structure, but with Pivot and an LOD



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              Kary K

              Thank you Deepak!