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    SSL Configuration on AWS EC2

    Antoine Leperlier

      Hi All,


      I installed Tableau Server 2018.1 on a Windows machine running on AWS EC2.

      It worked fine and after opening port 80 on AWS configuration page, I'm able to access my Tableau server using http://myservername.com from outside of the server itself.


      Now I want to enable SSL so that I can access my server using https://myservername.com/


      I have generated  CSR and KEY files by following Tableau Help instruction.


      Using GoDaddy, I have obtained a proper Security Certificate.


      In Tableau Configuration page, I specifiy the path (D:\Tableau\SSL) to both the Certificate and the Key file but after restarting I'm not able to access https://myservername.com/


      Any idea what I'm missing here ?


      Thanks a lot for your help.