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    Apply Reference line ONLY to grand total, not dimensions

    Meghan Garman

      I feel like I'm probably missing something here, but figured it's worth asking!  I am working on Tableau Desktop 10.1 and have a viz (screenshot below) that shows rates across different dimensions and months/years.  At the bottom, I have a Grand Total by year.  What I'd like to do is add a reference line of 30% to the Grand Total row ONLY, not appearing within any of the dimensions.  I cannot for the life of me figure out how to only apply the reference line of 30% to the Grand Total -- everything I've tried adds it to the entire report and when I try to exclude or hide, it does not work.  What am I missing?  (It's probably right in front of my face)


      The screenshot below has a red line which I've drawn -- that is what I'd like the outcome to be -- a line in the Grand Total pane, but not any of the others (forgive me if my red line is not perfectly straight!).


      Thanks in advance for your help!