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    Creating a "Disposition Code Report"

    Brian Mack

      I've been charged by my Company to create a report to monitor telemarketing call dispositions. These "Dispositions" would be, for example, things such as Sale, Wrong #, Callback, etc. I can create a side-by-side Bar Graph easily enough, but would like to somehow add variances to this graph. For instance, the "Callback" disposition should be red-flagged somehow if it goes below 15% or rises above 45% of the agent's total calls. Is there a way to add such formatting in Tableau?

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Brian

          We like to see your TWBX workbook to give you a good answer - I can see from the screen shot your file is wide (like excel) vs tall (Like Tableau or access files)



          That would make doing what you want complicated

          suggest you look at pivoting the data Pivot Data from Columns to Rows


          and then using table calculations to get you where you want to be -

          If you attach a TWBX workbook with the data we can be more specific with a solution


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