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    How to simultaneously use data in different aggregation levels?

    Rodolfo Conversani

      Hi everyone,


      I'm new to Tableau and I'm having trouble with the following:


      I'm trying to build a visualization of a team's performance. The team has three main performance indicators:


      a) Productivity (Units produced / Working days);

      Captura de Tela 2018-08-01 às 19.23.06.png

      b) Total critical analyses done throughout the month;

      Captura de Tela 2018-08-01 às 19.23.58.png

      c) Team's average SLA.

      Captura de Tela 2018-08-01 às 19.24.46.png

      I need to make some calculations in order to reach each member's final grade. Basically:

      a) when talking about productivity, green ones are "Above" grade, blue ones are "Meet" grade, and red ones are "Below" grade;

      b) Critical analyses, any member who's analyzed three or more critical cases in a month is above, one or two meets the requirements, and a user with no critical analyses made is below the grade;

      c) The SLA grade is based off the average time needed to respond to a customer request. Basically, if the average is less than 24 hours, it's above the required. Between 24 and 48, requirements met. More than 48 hours, the result is below the requirements.


      So far, so good. My problem is: Productivity and Critical analysis count are aggregated on a Month / user level, while SLA is one for the whole team, aggregated only by month.


      Basically, what I mean is: I need to do calculations using measures in different aggregation levels.


      I'm not sure this was very clear, so If needed, I'll do my best do elucidate!


      Either way, does anyone know how I can do this?