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    TABCMD command to pushlish workbook gives a TableauException

    Amar Raol

      When I try to publish a tableau workbook it gives a TableauException. Where do I find the tabcmd logs on the tableau server.

      For some workbooks it works fine, but for some it gives this exception.


      Note - this specific workbook has 'Custom SQL' as the data source and uses 'Extract' option instead of live connection.


      tabcmd command:

      .\tabcmd publish --no-certcheck "Dashboard (Internal).twb" -o -r "Project Name" -n "Dashboard (Internal)" --db-username user_name --db-password user_password --save-db-password --tabbed


      Error: (see image)



      local tabcmd error message:

      [8340] ERROR 2018-08-01 16:49:06,315: Unexpected response from the server: Internal server error