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    Combine Dimensions

    Taylor Lile



      I have two separate data sources where both have incomplete sets of data. I would like to somehow join them in Tableau which gives me a combined list of all Lead Sources. When I join them in normally, I get two separate dimensions when I would like one dimension that has them all combined. For example:


         1st data source

      Lead SourceSales
      Parking Lot560


           2nd Data source


      Lead SourceExpenses
      Soccer Field115


      I want the results to be:


      Lead SourceSalesExpenses
      Parking Lot560NULL
      Soccer FieldNULL115


      Like I said, I thought a full join would do the trick, but when i get into tableau after I join the two data sources, I have two separate dimensions when I only want to call on one.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!