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    How to Display/Hide a sheet on a selection

    Dhairya Kothari

      Hello All,


      On my Dashboard, I have 4 sheets which have to be displayed based on the selection of the 5th sheet.

      In a normal view: Sheet 2,3,4,5 should be the ones that should be displayed and sheet 1 should be hidden.


      On selection of 5th sheet:

      Sheet 1 should be displayed and sheet 2,3 and 4 should be hidden.


      On deselection of 5th sheet:

      Return back to Normal View: Sheet 2,3,4,5 displayed and Sheet 1 is hidden.


      I have been able to display and hide Sheet 1 on selection of sheet 5 using Actions but I am not able to hide the other sheets 2,3,4 on selection of Sheet 5 and again show them back when Sheet 5 is deselected.


      Please let me know if you guys have any thoughts on how it can be done!!


      Thanks in advance!!