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    Google Analytics - No Longer Extracting Old (2+ years) Data

    Benjamin Barlow

      In 2016, I built a comprehensive set of Tableau Desktop dashboards using Google Analytics data since February 2015.


      In late 2017, I started seeing some older data disappear. Now in late 2018, the data only goes back to March 2016.


      Since this is a venue website, I am really interested in comparing new events to all of the events going back to February 2015.


      When I log into the Google Analytics platform, the data from 2015 is complete and still accessible.


      I have tried various troubleshooting filtering techniques in the Data Connections to try and "spur" Tableau Desktop to pull the missing 2015 data.


      I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a Google Analytics API filtering, but I cannot find any details about this being a common occurrence with the API. Therefore, I wanted to pass this by the Tableau Community. Even if it is a Google Analytics API mechanism, please point me in the direction of that documentation.



      - Should I still be able to, using the current Tableau Desktop Google Analytics connector, pull that 2015 and early 2016 data?

      - Is this apparent limit done by Tableau or Google Analytics?

      - What documentation exists that I can use to further investigate?