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    Need Guidance and Feedback

    Saurabh Kumar

      Hello everyone,


      I am currently in the job search. I consider Tableau as my strong point, but the dashboards I am creating for companies for interview process are getting rejected. I do not have anyone guide or give me feedback on my visualization. I approached people on LinkedIn and the companies rejected me but none have time to guide me. Please help me in my job search process. I am ready to put all the efforts needed to make my Visualization better. Please help me. Your guidance and advice can make a great difference in my life.

      Here is my Tableau Workbook Snapshot in which I used Machine Learning to predict Attrition using Ipython and Tabpy.

      And My Tableau Public profile link is : Tableau Public

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          Hello Saurabh,


          My opinions for your reference.


          First, be conscious about the audience.

          Who are your audience? What information do they want? ...


          Second, what's your objective?

          I assumed that your objective is to show that you are capable for the job via the viz.


          Now some specific options on your viz.


          The Resume


          The space of Experience : Education : Skill = 1 : 1 : 2 .


          I think the comapnies are most interested in Experience part.

          And in your viz, there are long lines of description in tooltip.


          So please feature this part in your resume, and make the contents easier to read.


          The Workbook


          I feel confused at the combination of resume and the workbook from the first sight.

          From the resume, you are introduced as a BI analyst, while form the workbook you look like a data scientist.


          The scenario of the viz doesn't appear clear to me.

          What's the purpose of the viz? What's the story? Or is this a demo for Tableau function introduction?

          What are the points? The visual design? The analysis approach? Or something else? Do these points appear charming to the company? Do these point demonstrate that you are capable for the job?





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            Saurabh Kumar

            Thank You very much, Lei, for your feedback. You highlighted some good points on which I can improve. I will surely implement them to improve my skills.


            Thanks again!