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    How do I join this Data correctly?

    Michael Niven

      Let's say I want to join the following Data Source and Data Sheet below, with the following headers:

      Data Source:

      Item #

      Item DescriptionCategoryVolume


      Data Sheet I want to Join:

      Item #Customer NameVolume



      The problem is, when I left join the Data Sheet with the Table Source through Item #, it counts the volume for the Data Sheet matches.


      I basically am running two separate reports, one with more item level information, and the second, with customer information, on two separate excel sheets. The reason they are separate, is because I have to split the excel file into two separate sheets due to the sheer size.


      I am trying to create a report that allows me to pull item level volume and customer volume without double counting.



      What's the proper method of joining the table so it only considers the volume for the Data Source?