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    How to Create this Dual Axis Map - Opportunity Zones Polygons and K-12 School Points (Lat/Lon)

    sean odonnell

      We are trying to create a dual axis map from two files,  one shapefile and one excel spreadsheet. Trying to map the individual schools (spreadsheet, lat/lon points) within the opportunity zones (shapefile/polygons). Problem there is no unique id common to both. Tried to download the shapefile to excel spreadsheet and create a new column within both spreadsheets that is common between them both...and upload this into Tableau to create a dual axis map...did not seem to work. Any ideas how to make this dual axis map without going into ArcGIS?


      The worksheet is too large to attached; many rows in both sources. Attached is a worksheet with the fields but not with all the rows. I created the "ID" column to try and create a unique field match btw the spreadsheets. The opportunity zone spreadsheet is available as a shapefile and I exported as an excel spreadsheet in order to attach a worksheet that is not too large for this discussion.


      The data sources are here:

      Public School Locations Current: https://data-nces.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets?group_ids=455147561fd3416daa180395fb4e9237

      Opportunity Zones (as a spreadsheet and shapefile): Opportunity Zones Resources


      Thank you for any help and ideas!


      Sean O.