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    Sorting Columns in Sheets

    Jenna Dulchinos



      I am a beginner in Tableau and am having trouble with the sorting feature. I see in the columns of my dimensions there is a button to sort, and the ability to right click and manually sort what order they appear in, but when I do this nothing actually happens. I have come up with a temporary solution to add filters and place a drop down menu over the column name to allow the user to choose which fields to filter by, but I would love the ability to sort.


      I have attached the workbook here - version 10.5. Looking at the "Committed Projects" Dashboard, does anyone know how I can get the sort function to work on the dimensions "sponsor LOB", "current CP Status", etc. along the top? The sort symbol which shows up does not work, and using the right click - sort manually also does not actually sort anything. For my temporary fix previously mentioned - the dashboard I referred to with the drop down menu is titled "Archived Projects". The issue with these drop downs that I am running into is that on the Committed Projects Dashboard is that I want to be able to sort the last column with the colored dots, so that green appears at the top, then red, then grey. I have the ability to right click on the Health color pill in the marks card of the sheet any manually put them in this order, but then the sheet/workbook does not reflect my changes. Any idea on why the sorts are not working, or any other work arounds for this?


      Thank you in advance for your thoughts and help!