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    Dashboard filter stops working in story when all dashboard sheets are hidden

    David Glavin

      I've built a story that uses several dashboards with filtering actions specific to each dashboard. I'm preparing to post the the story to our website and tableau public, however I only want the story visible upon initial view, so I'm hiding all sheets up to the story level. All of the dashboard filters work when the dashboard sheets are not hidden, but upon hiding the following filtering action no longer works (I've attached the packaged workbook for reference):


      On the story board sheet titled "Provider Expenditure Analysis (Resident Spend), I have action filters set up to change the tree map and the bar chart (not the cross-tab) when the "Select Year" filter is engaged. The "Select Year" filter is associated with "Provider_Bar sheetThe filtering works on this level, however I also have a viz in tooltip set up for the bar graph (Provider_Bar sheet) that produces a small crosstab based on the year selected (selected from the "payer_xtab_tt" sheet.


      The filtering for the viz in tooltip works at the sheet level, and even the dashboard level (provider_dash). It also works when I hide all sheets down up to the dashboard level, but when I hide the dashboard sheet at the story level, the tooltip filtering on the provider_dash dashboard no longer works.


      Any help solving this is greatly appreciated.