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    Conditional formatting for different measures

    Manish Amin

      Hi Friends,


      We are trying implement following color coding for the existing bar chart which simply shows 3 colors for Critical, Moderate and High. Conditions for these are very simple.


      However, now customer wants to see same color coding per severity but based on different range of values. Below logic is not working may be because it's combining all ranges for green, yellow and red.


      if [Critical]<=3 THEN 'Green'

      ELSEIF [Critical]<=5 AND [Critical]>=4 THEN 'Yellow'

      ELSEIF  [Critical]>=6 THEN 'Red'

      ELSEIF [High]<=5 THEN 'Green'

      ELSEIF [High]>=6 AND [High]<=8 THEN 'Yellow'

      ELSEIF [High]>=9 THEN 'Red'

      ELSEIF [Moderate]<=7 THEN 'Green'

      ELSEIF [Moderate]>=8 AND [High]<=15 THEN 'Yellow'

      ELSEIF [Moderate]>=16 THEN 'Red'



      Critical, Moderate and High are LOD calculations as shown in the attached image.


      Any work around or fix ?