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    How to break down trend lines?

    Atylla Brito

      Hi everyone, I was wondering if there's anyway I can break down a trend line in two segments: One before and one after a reference line in the graph.


      Here goes a screenshot of what I have:



      And here goes what I need to do:





      Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde



          Have you tried creating two different views and bringing them together in a dashboard.  The line could be created as a floating text box in between the two views on the dashboard to create this divided sort of look.


          Attached is an example workbook in version 10.2 .  - i do not have the diversity in data to create the different trend lines but here is an example of a break on a line over time using this method.  Note that December still shows up on the first example even though the data is limited to 10/1/2016 .  The axis both horizontal and vertical would need to be configured manually to make this work.  









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            Jonathan Drummey

            Hi Patrick,


            Here's an alternative method. I added a parameter to create a "break date" and then a calculated field that identifies each order date as before or after the break date. Then that calculated field is used as a dimension in the view and the DAY(date) axis is set to "independent":


            Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 4.18.07 PM.png


            The one thing I don't like about this particular method is that we have two axes (note the Jan 1 dates on either side of the Before/After line) instead of one continuous axis.


            To pull off a view with one continuous axis requires a lot more complexity by having to do our own trend line calculations and then  displaying the trend lines as line marks on a dual axis.



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              Patrick Van Der Hyde

              another great solution though.  Thank you Jonathan.