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    Variations in dates


      HI All,


      I want calculates the manager performance based on their dates suppose

      i have 5 manger information under 5 manager each manger handing the 10 projects so each project have 'start date' and 'planned end date' and 'Actual end date'

      so based on planned end date and actual end dates i want  calculating the performance  is there is chance plan end date have chance to exceed the 20% of that project days means  plan end date (1-jul-2018)and actual end date(31-sep-2018) is 90days  in that 90days  calculates percentages 20% of  90 days suppose 15 days chance to exceeds projects end if it is 200 then 20% is 40 days like that same thing to 'before end date' is if project ends before end date at that time also we need to consider the 20% of the project example  plan end date (1-jul-2018)and actual end date(31-may-2018) so difference is 60 days you calculate the percentage of 60  if 20% is 15 days so this project will end before 15 dyas to end if it cross the 15 days the only it change to another color




      how the graph looks  like below the image

      and attaching sample data in excel

      can any suggest to how to do that graph

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          Ankit Bansal



          Nut sure what you are trying to say. But you can use below formula to calculate percentage.


          planned no of days:

          DATEDIFF('day',start_date,planned end date)


          Actual no of days:

          DATEDIFF('day',start_date,actual end date)


          Then you can play with these 2 measures to get the percentages you want.

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            HI Anik,

            can you give the proper deatils

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              I have date difference for every project in that date difference firstly i need to consider the every project date difference 100% if it is date difference is '1 or 200' also i need to consider the 100%

              suppose protect no  date diff         date diff Percentages  

                                1                  15                100%

                                2                     30               100%

                               3                     45                  100%

                               4                     -50                 -100%

                               5                      -60             -100%



              in that percentages for  percentages  +20% to -20% is one color  and >20% is one color and >-20% is one color


              Please provide me any suggestion or graphs for that




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                is it  possible or not

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                  Ankit Bansal

                  Hi Sada,


                  You can find the percent diff using below formula:


                  (DATEDIFF('day',start_date,planned end date)-DATEDIFF('day',start_date,actual end date))/DATEDIFF('day',start_date,actual end date)


                  then u can put if conditions as per your requirement.

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                    Hi Ankit


                    it was considering like total percentage but i need each date difference as 100%