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    Dynamically adjusting containers

    Michal Binkowski

      Hi everyone,


      I wanted to create a show/hide option for a map on my dashboard.


      I found that I can achieve that option by using action filters when all worksheets are within 1 container, which in turn creates a new set of issues with sizing.

      The issues I've got are as followed:


      1. I'm not able to adjust the size of the worksheets within the container as they become fixed and will not adjust size after using the action filter.

      2. When putting all Worksheets in 1 container they are stacked on top of each other, which repeats the issue from 1. of sizing.

      3. I can't mix horizontal and vertical containers. This blocks a display of 3 worksheets in one container like the picture below.



      My question now is, if it is possible to somehow create dynamically adjusting containers or create adjust the size of worksheets within a container without them becoming fixed sized all while mixinig horizontal and vertical containers.


      I hope you can help me out, if anything is unclear i'll make sure to clarify.


      Thank you in advance!