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    Sum up filter values as one value


      Hello there,


      i've a problem with my worksheet (AnzahlOffen). I want to display the ammount of tickets they are not resolved. So i've made a filter to do this and then countd the values. Everything is going right. Now in my dashboard (2ndlvldashboardnew) I want an filteraction: when i'm clicking on the countd value of AnzahlOffen, then TicketsToDisplay must use the filter used for AnzahlOffen. But Dashboard Action is saying AnzahlOffen is missing a value. So i've added the Status filter to detail. But now AnzahlOffen is splitting the Values in every status instead of summing the values up. What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks a lot!

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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Jan


          Please find my solution attached.


          Below is the screenshot of result



          Hope this helps



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            Thanks for your replay, but I think thats not exactly what i need.

            I want to show in the Dashboard the amount of Tickets with all status excluding (closed, waiting for documentary and resolved) as one number. When i hit the number with the amount, i want to run the same filter with excluding (closed, waiting for documentary and resolved) on the TicketsToDisplay sheet.

            I've added a screenshot to show what i want to describe.


            It's working properly when I click the teh amount of Tickets in Support Queue, Feedback to/from Customer, Abstimmung and 3rd lvl Support. But when i'm clicking Offene Tickets nothign will happen. I've already tried to use Dashboard action filters but it wont work, cause 'status' is missing in offeneTickets sheet. When i add the Status as Detail to offeneTickets sheet, Tableau devides the value 107 to each status. So i have about 15 values, every one way smaller than 107 instead of 107. In sum the small values are 107.