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    Query on LOD

    Shruthi B S

      Hi Everyone,


      I have set of customers and their period based sales. I want to display sales of current Qtr(2018Q4) & Prev year same Qtr(2017Q4). If at all, if any customer does not have any sales in that particular qtr, it should be displayed as "N/A". I have attached workbook for reference. I have used Fixed LOD to select 2018Q4 & 2017Q4 but if a customer does not have sales in Qtr, its removing that Qtr from view. I want these 2 Qtrs to be fixed.

      I'm selecting only 1 customer at a time.


      Eg., When "Cust2" is selected

      When "Cust3" is selected


      As "Cust3" doesnt have any ssales for 2017Q4, its removing Qtr from view. How do i fix this.