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    Passing Date parameter in URL

    Mélissa Moulet

      Hello everyone,


      I could see that this subject comes back often but despite my many research I remain stuck.


      I developped a Dashboard with a URL action wich open a new Dashboard filtering on a reference, Start date and End date.

      No problem with the reference but impossible to filter the dates...


      I followed exactly the instructions in this link but it doesn't work:




      If someone tried this and succeed please help mel!! ^^

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Melisa

          When we use date as filter then do like below.

          Parameters as DATEPART filters

          To filter by date part, use the same nomenclature as in the default Tableau Desktop date hierarchy. For more information, see Date Functions in the Tableau Help.



          quarter(Order%20Date)Integer between 1 and 4
          month(Order%20Date)Integer between 1 and 12
          day(Order%20Date)Integer between 1 and 31
          hour(Order%20Date)Integer 0–23
          minute(Order%20Date)Integer 0–59
          second(Order%20Date)Integer 0–59
          week(Order%20Date)Integer 1–53
          my(Order%20Date)Six-digit integer: YYYYMM
          mdy(Order%20Date)Eight-digit integer: YYYYMMDD





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            Mélissa Moulet



            Thank you but maybe I didn't develop my problem enough.


            In the first Dashboard, the user can define start date and end date and it's linked with the charts.

            Also, the user can click on a chart and open a new Dashboard with other charts and this charts should be filtered on the same period, with the start date and end date defined by himself before.

            So I can't use a date function in my URL, I need the real values of my parameters Start date and End date.