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    Top N and Bottom N for two different measures in the same graph

    Becca O'Connor



      I am pretty new to Tableau so I apologise in advance if this is a pretty straightforward request:


      I want to be able to create a bar chart that shows the Top 5 inflows/gains and Bottom 5 outflows/losses for products so that I can get a visual like this (where green represents the inflows and red the outflows):



      The inflows and outflows are two different measures in my data set, so I am not sure how to create the combined graph. I can create one or the other using ranking, but not both together.


      Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

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          Jim Dehner

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          Can't be too specific without seeing your TWBX workbook (see the link Getting Started in the Forums )



          in general one way to solve the problem is to create 2 rankings - one ascending the other descending -   rank desc = rank_unique(sum(measure 1),'desc') and rank asc =      rank_unique(sum(measure 2),'asc') and then use a conditional statement like [rank asc] <+5 or [rank desc]<=5   as a filter set to true



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