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    How to put a range of dates into separate bars on a graph

    Katherine Swift

      Hi, I am really new to this, so please excuse my ignorance,


      Basically, I have a list of assets with each having an individual asset number with the age in years in the column next to them and the date of installation in the next column and priority for replacement next to that.


      I would like to show the volume of assets in a bar graph as follows-


      Number of assets aged 0-20 in one column, number of assets aged 21-40 in the next column etc etc until I get to age 140


      it takes far to much space on my scree to show a single bar for the volume of assets by each individual year.


      I would also like to do a separate chart to show the dates of installation for example one bar column for anything installed between 1900 -  1925 and 1926 - 1950 etc etc. (I'm sure that would be the same principle as above.)


      And then I want to color code by priority (so I should just be able to drop the priority on the color hopefully)