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    Total from Secondary Data source

    pavan kumar


      I need to calculate Total from Secondary Data SOurce.

      I can't give my original data source, so i am using Superstore.

      I have taken Orders and Returns.

      I need to have 4 numbers

      1) No of Orders for each Customer (Orders)

      2) No of Orders Total (Orders)

      3) No of Orders Returned (Returns)

      4) No of Orders Returned Total (Returns)


      The problem is with No of Orders Returned Total,

      {Fixed : [No of Orders Returned]}


      I can use Total(cnt(Order ID)) , but i have Region as Filter, so i am not getting the correct number


      Plz find attached workbook.

      Error :

      Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation