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    Persistency in Tableau

    abhishek jain

      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to calculate Persistency.

      Persistency: This is a measure of how efficiently an adjuster (or claims office) is working through their claims. The calculation is simple:

      Number of Claims,  ( OPEN at Beginning of Month – OPEN at End of Month ) / (OPEN at Beginning of Month) as a Percent.


      So if an adjuster has 100 open claims on 4/1, 10 new claims are opened in April, and adjuster closes/settles 40 claims, leaving 70 open on 4/30. Persistency = (100-70)/100 = 30%


      I have datasheet with Claim Numbers and their respective "Date Of Report" as well as their "Close Date". I am confused how to proceed. Any help will be appreciated.


      PS: I have attached a sample data sheet along for reference.