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    Running Sum and YoY for a pacing report

    Kristen Wissmar

      Hi everyone!


      I'm trying to create a running sum with YoY tracking. This seems like it would be simple, but my timeframe is 13 months so it's becoming complex.  I'm graphing the bookings that are happening now for activities happening during the holiday period (Dec/Jan).  So the bookings are taking place 13-0 months before the cutoff.


      Here's what my data looks like on a weekly and running total level, but I need to view this Year over Year.  Figure 2 shows what the data looks like when i use a week number.  There first 4 weeks of the year are inflated, because they actually have two years worth of data.


      I think it's possible to create a fix using this using the advanced table calculations, but I can't figure this out.  Figure 4 is what i'm trying to recreate from excel, but this took manual work.


      FYI - this summer is referring to the Australian Summer. I'm hoping to not confuse anyone


      Figure 1.


      Figure 2


      Figure 3

      Figure 4