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    creating path connecting data points on map

    herb lau



      Above link is my basis for my approach to what I want to do, which is connect points on a map, except I don't need to connect them by a date field, I'd prefer to connect them by a certain order,

      so I created a Point ID field to number the data points.  It comes the closest to what I want to do. Other forum post are more "spider maps" with one point to multiple destinations ie like airports.


      My multiple data points is meant to be spots on a tour.  Also, not every point plotted on the map needs to be connected, some are just fine being visible on the map.


      I tried to use my data in the way described, (playing around with Point ID on the path, and also as attribute, discrete, etc.)


      My workbook is attached.


      Ideally, I'd even be to display a number by each of the points plotted in the path (or even each point on the map, period) not just when hovering over the cursor,

      but on the map itself but that's less important, I actually think I can figure that out,


      I've also looked at the pages linked below and tried them





      Connecting points on a map


      Also, there's a separate question I'll post elsewhere that I think I know the answer to but I'd appreciate confirmation:

      for the data source, I have multiple sheets from an Excel workbook.  If I don't have a common field as column between them, I can't use the sheets simultaneously as part of the same Tableau workbook, correct?

      What I really want to do is have each of 6 different Excel sheets be the data source for each of 6 different Tableau worksheets, which I would then put together in a Tableau dashboard/story.