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    embedded iframe https


      i have a problem with embedded  Tableau server iframe JavaScript API,

      Although  the host_url is in https we noticed that the request generated from the embedded code is http instead of  https:


      http is not allowed in our network due to security concerns.


      we use the script:

      script type='text/javascript' src='https://server/javascripts/api/viz_v1.js


      what could be done so that the embedded code  is sent through https  instead of http?

      our setup is that we use a proxy were comunication between client and proxy is https only and  from proxy to tableau http. we use  tableau server version 2018.1.3

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          david tanner

          Hi Yacine,


          In my experience this is usually extra configuration that needs to be done on your reverse proxy that will cause it to rewrite any http urls to https urls

          Here is someone else description of it Setting Up A HTTPS To HTTP Reverse Proxy, it's different for each reverse proxy you use and you haven't specified, but there are lots of pages out there for apache httpd and nginx on setting up a reverse proxy.


          Another option would be to change your tableau server configuration to also communicate over https so you are communicating between your proxy and tableau in https and you just wouldn't have the problem anymore.