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    Dashboard (hover filter) action on map not working

    Kristin Fitzpatrick

      I'm working in Tableau Public (2018.1.3) on the attached dashboard (also published here) , and I can't get a hover filter action to work on the Beer Bikes Bend dashboard.


      What's somewhat working: when I have just the "Elevation" highlighting action, hovering over the bike trail shows on the elevation chart below.



      But - when I add another action, the "Filter for trail" filter, the "Elevation" highlight stops showing elevation as a trend line and shows just the single elevation dot. (I've tried to set up all the points on the trail as a group, etc., to see if I can get the entire trend line to show, but nothing's working yet.)


      What I wanted was for that action to select the trail in the "elevation" chart and filter to just the trail that's being hovered over on the map.

      And I'd still like the charts to show the elevation trend line, like in the first picture above.


      I found this Re: Mix Hover & Select Action Filters (Tableau Desktop 10.3)  very useful, and I think I'm following the same steps, but I can't get hovering over the trail to filter the trails in the elevation chart (which seems to be very similar to the actions in the dashboard in that post).


      Any help would be much appreciated!