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    Calculate the Total of a Stacked Bar Chart

    Keith Salach

      Greetings!  I have a beginner's question about calculations.


      I am trying to calculate the total value for a stacked bar chart and add that to the tooltip.


      The stacked bar shows monthly activity across the X axis and the bars have two attributes grouped by color.  The bars are counting records by month.


      I am struggling to get a result that makes sense.  I tried a FIXED LOD calc that works for most months.  However, for one month my calculation is not working.  I am actually getting an incorrect result for both of the color groupings.  I believe the reason is because there is not a value for each day in my data set.


      Example:  if the GRAY group has 40 and the BLUE group has 50, I would expect my total calc to show 90.  But instead, it is showing something like 88 in GRAY and 87 in BLUE.


      Is there a different calculation I should be using?  Let me know if more info is needed to answer the question.