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    View different sets over time?

    Benjamin Cole

      Hi Ya'll,


      two part question - using the sample superstore data.


      1) I'd like to define multiple segments of the data and show these segments over time in the same view.  Each segment is filtered by a varying number of different dimensions.


      How should I best do this?


      My strategy was to create two separate views and off those views create two separate sets.  I then combined these sets in a calculated field to view them side by side over time.

      My workbook is attached, so you can see what I'm talking about.


      2) If I wanted to create a dashboard to enable a user to both define their own sets and view them together over time, how would I go about doing that? parameters?


      Thanks so much!


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          Jim Dehner

          Did you ever get a response on this?


          I looked at it today and I am a little confused about the goal

          You created 2 sets and those sets are independent of one another - so you can place them on the same viz alright but you don't see any interaction between the sets - was that your goal?  if so you are there



          as far as using parameters to allow users to define (create sets)  sets - not a good idea - parameters by there nature are single valued and the user selects from a predefined list of options meaning you would need to have a parameter for each dimension and then only  a single value would be chosen - also the parameter value will remain constant until changed by the user  and finally the parameter value is global - the same throughout the workbook


          Parameters don't do anything in themselves they need to be backed up by a calculation or a filter so the logic for that would also be a consideration



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