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    Creating a calculated field flagging a user as new or not

    Rubaiya Islam



      I am using tableau desktop 10.4. I am working on a report where for each clinic of the hospital I am trying to identify whether a  medical record number is for a new patient or not. So I have to check that since 2011 March (that's as far as the data goes) for that particular clinic whether the same medical record number was seen before. If its there its not a new patient and vice versa.  I have to then add up the number of new patients for each clinic only for the month of July 2018 and for 2018 year to date as well. There are several clinics for each I have to do the same thing. I run this report every month. In SAS I can easily do it using the first function, which flags the first observation of medical record number as 1 within a clinic. In tableau what would be the way to do it?





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