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    How to show the last 12 months using a parameter as a filter in a dashboard 10.5

    Eduardo Denser

      Hi, im trying to show the data for the last 12 months of a selected date in the date parameter that ive created (this one add values to the list using the date field as source)

      Let me try to explain
      I have a dash with a parameter as date filter
      On this Dash i have 5 sheets, 4 of them i want to use the date in the filter (Ok thats easy to do, its done)But in the last sheet, which is a 2 bars chart, i want to show the last 12 months. Ex: Select "JUL/2018" and show in the chart all values from JUL/2017 to JUL/2018.


      I cant figure out how to do this, ive already created a calc field like




          DATEDIFF('month',[Date_Parameter],[Date_Field]) <= 12



      ELSE 0 END



      i know that its not correct, but how can i make it work? Thanks


      Ps.: Date filter just let you select one value, and its shown as Month/Year.