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    Tabcmd Export sometimes doesn't produce all files

    Ken McDaniel

      I'm using Tabcmd 10.5 to produce a collection of PDF or PNG files, via an application created in Windows 10, Office 2013, Excel (VBA).  The application works quite well, except for the fact the Tableau server doesn't always create all of the requested files.  The application loops while waiting for all of the files to appear in a destination file server folder; the loop normally runs for 60 seconds, but I've tried setting it to several minutes.  The issue seems to be that Tableau server has its own timeout setting, and if the Tabcmd can't be processed in that time, it's simply discarded.  Sometimes all files (say a dozen) appear within fifteen seconds; sometimes, in thirty seconds.  Sometimes, only one or two files appear, sometimes no files.  The server seems to get stuck creating one file (not always the same one), then gives up.  I can rerun the application a couple of times, until all output files are created successfully.  This process is a bit flaky, and I don't want to distribute the app until I can find a way to create all of the Tableau output files reliably and predictably.  Anyone have any ideas how to coax Tableau server into doing this?