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    Trim Column while exporting data

    Nandhakumar Ramanathan

      Hi All,


      I have a table with below column names


      • 01.Emp_ID
      • 02.Emp_Name
      • 03.Emp_Joining_Date
      • 04.Emp_Address
      • 05.Emp_Mail_ID
      • 06.Emp_Salary
      • 07.Emp_Tax etc.,


      When I download this from tableau server as a .csv file my column names should be like this


      • Emp_ID
      • Emp_Name
      • Emp_Joining_Date
      • Emp_Address
      • Emp_Mail_ID
      • Emp_Salary
      • Emp_Tax etc.,


      I want to trim first 3 characters while downloading. Is this achievable in Tableau? If so please let me know hoe to achieve this.


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Nandhakumar,


          You can create a calculated field: MID([FIELD],4)


          This mid function will start trimming down the field from the point you specify. So in the above example, it will start from the 4th character.


          Please then use this in your views and you can then download this output into CSV.





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            Nandhakumar Ramanathan

            Hi Mavis,


            Thanks for the reply.

            I am not using the columns or any chart in my dashboard. Basically I want to download the fields in the same alignment of Data source or data base. So I created a view by giving aliases name with 01., 02., 03., etc., then I will click the full data tab and download the data as .csv.

            Can you add a sample file so that it will be very easy for me to proceed further?


            Thanks & Regards,