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    Stacked Bar Chart using Averages - Color Coding Issue

    Jacynthia Spruill



      I created a bar chart and added an If / Then formula (below)  under Dimensions.  Please note, I am using an average aggregation and my average is 3.6 with a total of seven records.


      When I place my formula on color I get one color for 1.7 which is the average for the thee "On-time" records, and I get another color for the four "Late" records that have a combined average of 5.0. The average, for all seven records is 3.6. I need my bar to remain at 3.6 with one color at and  below two ("On-time")and another above 2 ("Late").


      Formula:   IF [# of Days to Faculty Approval]<2 THEN "On-time" ELSEIF [# of Days to Faculty Approval]>2 THEN "Late" ELSE "On-time" END


      Tableau 10.5



      Thank you,