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    Re: Pop up a sheet based on a specific filter value?

    Dave Dixon

      Hi Joe Oppelt -


      I hope you can help me resolve this within the next, oh, three hours =0(.  I've tried your way and have run into two specific issues:


      1. having the popper sheet and the special sheet stacked in a container (special on top, popper on bottom) - the popper sheet just appears and disappears inside the container with the filter, it doesn't push the special sheet anywhere.


      2. the category is selected from a row of icons across the top of the dashboard, triggering a dashboard action.  However, when the user unselects a category, the displays all revert back to "all".  This should make the note for Medical go away.  However, it does not.  The popper sheet still counts 1 category as selected even though they are all now selected if you show the action filter on the sheet.