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    Changing displayed column headings based on a filter selection

    Rick Loveday

      I've got a separate dashboard for each college that I am trying to consolidate into a single dashboard where the data will adjust based off of a filter. I need to have the column headings adjust based on what filter is selected.


      We have 7 total college units: (I also have a Parameter created with these names)









      We have 7 total teams:

      UDT Team 1

      UDT Team 2

      UDT Team 3

      UDT Team 4

      UDT Team 5




      I have created Groups for the teams above as follows:

      Team1 (group) - UDT Team 1, UDT (Teams 2-5), Non-UDT, Athletics, Unassigned

      Team2 (group) - UDT Team 2, UDT (All teams except 2), Non-UDT, Athletics, Unassigned

      Team3 (group) - UDT Team 3, UDT (All teams except 3), Non-UDT, Athletics, Unassigned

      Team4 (group) - UDT Team 4, UDT (All teams except 4), Non-UDT, Athletics, Unassigned

      Team5 (group) - UDT Team 5, UDT (Teams 1-4), Non-UDT, Athletics, Unassigned


      Some of the teams support multiple colleges

      UDT Team 1 - CECAS

      UDT Team 2 - CoB

      UDT Team 3 - CAFLS and CoS

      UDT Team 4 - CAAH, CBSHS, and CoE

      UDT Team 5 - another area not listed, but not relevant for this discussion


      I am trying to be able to be able to choose a filter based on the college unit and have the column names adjust accordingly.

      So if the college unit filter is CAAH, it would display as below: (The UDT column could include totals for all UDT Teams except for Team 4 based on the group)

      (the Team4 (group) pill in the filter area is just there to remove the heading called Unassigned, which counts people who are not assigned to one of the four the displayed groups, so it's not essential to have. I just didn't remove it before taking the screenshot)


      If the college unit filter was changed to CECAS, then it should display columns for UDT Team 1, UDT (adjust to all UDT Teams except for Team 1), Non-UDT, Athletics.


      I need to be able to replace the Team4 (group) pill in the columns shelf with Team1 (group) when CECAS is selected as the filter. As I mentioned, I already have the parameters for each college unit. Would the best solution to create a calculated field that would change the group based on what the Parameter was? (see below, even though it doesn't work) Or is there some other way to accomplish this?