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    Filter or dropdown within a visualization

    John Cusick

      Hello -


      I've located a viz on the public site with features that interest me. (Italy's Shrinking Population | Tableau Public )

      The image below in the red square is what i would like to replicate.  1 set point of data Vs the ability to compare other points.


      i would like to compare a budget data set to other budget & actual years of data.  The workbook is not available to download, or else i would try to reverse engineer the viz. 


      Any ideas would be helpful


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          I may have oversimplified it, but I think it can be done with

          a parameter (of Countries in the example above) and a calculation of:


          IF [Country]="Italy" THEN "Color 1"

          ELSEIF [Country]=[Country Parameter] THEN "Color 2"

          ELSE "Background Color"



          Similarly for the name label:

          IF [Country]="Italy" OR

          [Country]=[Country Parameter]

          THEN [Country]



          You will likely need join/blend your data carefully

          to get the budget data and actuals into the same calculation.


          If the above won't work for your setup,

          please post some sample fake data replicating your datasets.


          Please see workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum Thread.