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    Get True Columns Based on Boolean Values

    Matt Youngberg

      Hi everyone!


      This may be a really simple question with a simple answer, or it could be a lot more complex. Either way, I'm not finding the right answer myself, and I'm hoping you guys can help me.


      I'm working on a worksheet for a university that shows certain events that are going on in our business college, as well as the majors that they are focusing on.


      I'm wanting to build a viz that is setup like the .jpg I've attached.


      The checkmarks correspond to when the event has the major included-- meaning that its value is TRUE in the data source for each event.


      The way I've gone about it in my actual workbook is by creating boolean calculated fields for the major. However, whenever I try to add additional columns, it condenses the axis into all the True/False combinations that there can be throughout the majors I'm trying to add, and makes it very confusing to read. I've included a mock data source and a worksheet illustrating the issue I just described in the packaged workbook I've attached.


      Does anyone have any ideas how to get it into a format like the. jpg? Any help is greatly appreciated.